Securing BGP

BGPThe Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the protocol used throughout the Internet to exchange routing information between networks.  It is the language spoken by routers on the Internet to determine how packets can be sent from one router to another to reach their final destination.  BGP has worked extremely well and continues to the be protocol that makes the Internet work.

The challenge with BGP is that the protocol does not directly include security mechanisms and is based largely on trust between network operators that they will secure their systems correctly and not send incorrect data.  Mistakes happen, though, and problems could arise if malicious attackers were to try to affect the routing tables used by BGP.

This section of our site on “Securing BGP” is focused on providing the information that network operators need to understand in order to secure their routers and ensure that they are doing their part for the security and resiliency of the overall Internet routing infrastructure. We are not focused here on a specific approach but rather outlining the different approaches and tools that are available to help secure your routing systems. A great document to understand our overall focus with this section is RFC 7454, “BGP Operations and Security“.

We will be building out the content based on our content roadmap. We would very much appreciate your feedback on this section and on the roadmap.  What can we offer to help you secure your usage of BGP on your routers?

Please see the following pages related to securing BGP:

Watch our blog for stories related to securing BGP and, again, please let us know how we can help you!

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