Report: Signed Root Deployment – Framing the Issues (DNSSEC Industry Coalition, 2009)

Report on issues with signing the DNSSEC rootIn April 2013, Steve Crocker circulated this report with the following comment:

In June 2009, a year before the root was signed, the DNSSEC Industry Coalition, led by PIR, and the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative, held a symposium, Signed Root Deployment: Framing the Issues, to look at possible consequences of signing the root and the next steps after it was signed.

We had an excellent symposium and drafted a report.  Sadly, we couldn’t quite complete the editing process, so the draft lay unpublished, incomplete, since then.

The concerns expressed during the symposium about the consequences of a much larger root zone are now well behind us.  However, the sections on key distribution and use and on key rollover remain relevant, which is why we are pushing this draft out at this late date.

We are posting the report here at Steve’s request to make it available to the larger community.

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