IPv6 Training from Boson.com

Boson logoBoson.com has put together a great introductory training regimen for IPv6. The training assumes basic understanding of IPv4, then takes the reader on a tour of the changes in IPv6 in four parts.

This training is intended for an IT professional with limited to no experience with IPv6, who wishes to develop a basic understanding of the subject.

Part 1: Basics of IPv6 Addressing

Part 2: Types of IPv6 Addresses

Part 3: IPv6 Subnetting

Part 4: IPv4/IPv4 Transition Technologies

If you would like to get started with IPv6, please visit our IPv6 resources or begin with our “Start Here” page to help find resources most appropriate for your type of organization. If you have an IPv6 case study you think we should consider for inclusion on our site, please contact us – we are always looking for more!

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