Anti-Spoofing Whitepaper: Addressing the challenge of IP spoofing

Anti-Spoofing Report coverWhat is the issue with spoofed IP addresses?  What kind of attacks are made possible by spoofing?  What can be done to prevent or mitigate IP address spoofing?  We (Internet Society) released a white paper exploring these questions at:

The topics include:

  • What is Source IP spoofing?
  • Reflection and amplification DDoS Attack
  • Current mitigation strategies
  • Current challenges and the way forward
    • Measurements
    • Traceability
  • Network types and common operational practices
    • Mobile networks
    • Broadband access providers
    • Enterprises
    • Datacenters and hosting providers
  • Deployment considerations and challenges
  • Incentives, communication and awareness


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One Response to Anti-Spoofing Whitepaper: Addressing the challenge of IP spoofing

  1. Idriss Cheurfa says:

    While it is important to identify and protect against such attack, is it possible that the anti-spoofing rules be disabled for 1 access point (modem), so that specific system which require MAC addressees swap could still communicate through COMCAST network?

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