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Madagascar Signs .MG With DNSSEC As Part Of “Internet Day”

Madagascar DNSSEC

Last week the island country of Madagascar became the latest country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) to sign their .MG domain with DNSSEC.  As we note in the steps for signing a domain, having a signed TLD is critical so that your domain can tie into the global “chain of trust” that provides the added security of Read more…

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Congratulations to Uruguay on signing .UY with DNSSEC!

map of South America

Last week Uruguay became the latest country to sign their country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) with DNSSEC!  With that change, the DNSSEC deployment map for the Latin American region gets just that much greener.  And now, everyone using a .UY domain will potentially be able to benefit from the increased security and trust provided by DNSSEC Read more…

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New DNSSEC Deployment Map Available In Global Internet Maps

DNSSEC maps in Global Internet Report

Our DNSSEC Deployment Maps are now also available as part of a larger set of Global Internet Maps produced as part of our annual Global Internet Report.  My colleague Michael Kende wrote about these new maps earlier this month and explained a bit about them. This new DNSSEC deployment map is rather fun in that Read more…

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Middle East DNS Forum Covers DNSSEC – Let’s Fill In The Map!

Middle East DNSSEC Deployment

Over in Amman, Jordon, today our Internet Society colleague Frédéric Donck gave a keynote address at the Middle East DNS Forum where I know he was planning to speak about DNSSEC and our interest in advancing the deployment so that together we can make the Internet more secure via a more secure DNS infrastructure. (His Read more…

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Indonesia And Vanuatu Sign .ID and .VU With DNSSEC

Asia Pacific

We were very pleased to learn this morning that both Indonesia’s .ID and Vanuatu’s .VU country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) had DS records uploaded to the root zone of DNS over the weekend.  What this means is that they have both entered the fourth of five deployment stages that we track as part of the DNSSEC Read more…

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Congrats To Norway’s .NO On Over 5,000 DNSSEC-Signed Domains!

Norid logo

Congratulations to the Norid team on going live with DNSSEC for the .NO country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) this week!  You may recall we wrote about .NO being signed in the root zone of DNS back on November 18 (and the cake they baked to celebrate!), but this news this week now moves them to the Read more…

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Australia (.AU) and Grenada (.GD) Are Latest ccTLDs To Sign With DNSSEC

Asia Pacific DNSSEC deployment map as of 1-Dec-2014

Today’s DNSSEC Deployment Maps have two great new additions for country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs): Australia’s .AU domain and Grenada’s .GD domain both had their DS record published in the root zone of DNS over the past few days.  What this means is that anyone who has registered a domain in .AU or .GD may soon Read more…

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New DNSSEC Deployment Maps – Now Corrected And Updated

DNSSEC Deployment Map - Oct 14, 2014

If you have been receiving our DNSSEC deployment maps by email or just using the maps from our web page, you need to know an important fact: The maps we’ve been publishing recently have had the incorrect status set for several countries. The maps published last week on October 14, 2014, (and the ones distributed via email today) have Read more…

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Any Ideas For A Better Color Scheme For Our DNSSEC Deployment Maps?

Do any of you have any suggestions for a better palette of colors for us to use for our DNSSEC deployment maps?  We generate them every Monday morning and send them out to a public mailing list (to which any of you are welcome to subscribe).  Here is a recent global view (click/tap to see Read more…

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Update on DNSSEC Deployment Maps: Github repo for tracking issues, newgTLDs, more…

The positive reaction to our publishing of DNSSEC deployment maps has been great to hear and I wanted to provide a quick update. 1. The DNSSEC deployment maps are published every Monday. The best way to receive the most current maps is to subscribe to the dnssec-maps mailing list.   I will be updating our DNSSEC Deployment Read more…

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