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Google buys a /12 IPv4 Address Block

As per the RIPE Stat – BGPlay, Merit Network Inc (AS237) withdrew its advertisement of on 18 October 2016. It didn’t ring any bells because they have plenty of IPv4 address space, but on 21 March 2017, ARIN announced that has been added to the transferred list. As no-one was advertising this block on the Read more…

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Google Cloud Platform gets IPv6 support

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now able to support IPv6 clients using HTTP(S), SSL proxy and TCP proxy load balancing. The load balancer will accept IPv6 connections from users, and proxy those over  IPv4 to virtual machines (i.e. instances). This allows instances to appear as IPv6 services to IPv6 clients. At the moment, this Read more…

Google Stats Now Showing Over 8% IPv6

Google IPv6 stats

A nice way to end a Friday afternoon… I happened to look at Google’s IPv6 statistics for the first time in a while and see that they’ve climbed up over 8%! We’ve kind of stopped celebrating each individual percentage point because the reality is the graph just keeps on going up and to the right Read more…

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Google’s IPv6 Traffic Hits 5% Globally, 28% in Belgium, 12% in USA and Germany

Google's IPv6 statistics at 5%

Outstanding news!  Today marked another milestone in the continued evolution of the Internet from the development version based on IPv4 to the production version of the Internet based on IPv6 – Google’s IPv6 traffic statistics showed that global traffic over IPv6 has passed the 5% mark!   Even better, if you go into the per-country IPv6 statistics, you Read more…

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Awesome News About HTTPS As A Ranking Signal, Google! Now Can We Please Get IPv6 And DNSSEC, Too?

Google logo

The big news hitting the online marketing world today is that Google has indicated that the use of HTTPS in your web site will potentially help your site rank better in Google’s search results. In other words, the use of a TLS (formerly “SSL”) certificate to encrypt the connection to your website will be one Read more…

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Google IPv6 Stats Pass 4% Globally, 20% in Belgium, 8% in USA, 11% in Switzerland

It seems that Belgium is beating the USA in more than just World Cup Soccer (What an amazing game!)… they are also doing it in IPv6 deployment! In looking at Google’s latest IPv6 statistics, my colleague Phil Roberts noted that IPv6 deployment globally has doubled in 9 months and is now over 4%.  It’s great to see Read more…

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Video: Google DNS Hijacking in Turkey (RIPE 68)

Between March 29 and April 7 of 2014, the Turkish government announced a /32 BGP route for Google’s public DNS. This route redirected users to a DNS server which resolved popular addresses such as and to Turkish government websites. We previously wrote about this while it was happening. Now Stéphane Bortzmeyer’s talk, entitled Read more…

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GigaOm: Cloud Providers Need To Get IPv6!

GigaOm article about IPv6

Over on GigaOm today we were delighted to see the article “With billions of devices coming online, cloud providers better get with IPv6 program“.  In that article, author Barb Darrow writes: As we enter the internet of things era, with millions; check that, billions of devices coming online, we’re going to need a lot more Read more…

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Playing Google’s Interactive Rubik’s Cube Over IPv6

Today Google’s front page is an interactive “doodle” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.  Apart from feeling old since I remember when the Rubik’s Cube first came out, I was also of course thrilled to note that being on a Google website, this interactive Rubik’s Cube is available over IPv6: Using the IPvFoo add-on Read more…

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Google Is Now Always Using TLS/SSL for Gmail Connections

Gmail logo

We were pleased today to read that Google is now changing their Gmail service to always use TLS-encrypted connections. As they note in their announcement blog post: Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email. Gmail has supported HTTPS since the day it launched, and in 2010 we made HTTPS the Read more…

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