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IETF 91 Rough Guide On Routing Resilience And Security – De-aggregation, Route Leaks and more


What will be happening next week at IETF 91 with regard to improving the security and resilience of the Internet’s routing infrastructure? Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky tackles this question in his post this week: “Rough Guide to IETF 91: Routing Resilience & Security“. Andrei explains that one of the major issues in routing right now Read more…

Show Your Commitment To Routing Security – Join the MANRS Initiative!

Do you want to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more secure?  Have you implemented anti-spoofing techniques to help protect against attacks such as DDoS attacks?  Have you secured your use of BGP on your network? If so, why not consider publicly showing your support by signing up as a participant in the MANRS initiative? This Read more…

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A Personal Example Of Why We Need Anti-Spoofing Measures Deployed


Early Saturday morning I happened to check my personal email and there starting in capital letters was a message from the hosting provider of some of my sites: [ABUSE #12345][] Email Feedback Report for IP I opened it up and was greeted with the message: We have received a complaint about your account. Please Read more…

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Anti-Spoofing, BCP 38, and the Tragedy of the Commons


In the seminal 1968 paper “The Tragedy of the Commons” , Garrett Hardin introduced the world to an idea which eventually grew into a household phrase. In this blog article I will explore whether Hardin’s tragedy applies to anti-spoofing and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in the Internet, or not. The Tragedy of the Read more…

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What Shall We Call Our New Topic Area On “Anti-Spoofing” Of IP Addresses?

question mark

We need your help.  We are struggling with what to name the new topic area we are planning to launch related to preventing the “spoofing” of IP addresses. In routing security circles this topic is generally referred to as “anti-spoofing” and we’ve talked about it ourselves that way such as in our report on an Read more…

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Video: IP-Spoofing / Routing Best Practices Panel at RIPE 66

Can we stop the spoofing of IP addresses? Is the problem serious enough to warrant high-level attention? Are there best practices for routing that the larger community should be engaging in? What are the real challenges with stopping IP spoofing? These are the questions addressed in a recent post by our colleague Andrei Robachevsky, “Can Read more…

Watch LIVE Today – RIPE66 Panel On Routing Resiliency

In about 90-ish minutes, during the session block from 16:00-17:30 local time in Dublin, Ireland, our Internet Society colleague Andrei Robachevsky will be co-moderating a panel about routing resiliency and anti-spoofing of routes and IP addresses. You can watch and listen live at: As noted in the RIPE 66 Meeting Plan, the panel comes Read more…

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RIPE66 Next Week: Sessions on IPv6, DNS and Routing

RIPE 66 Logo

Next week in Dublin, Ireland, the RIPE 66 Meeting will take place from May 13-17 and a number of Internet Society technical staff will be onsite including two of us from Deploy360: Jan Zorz and myself (Dan York).  The meeting plan has a great number of topics of interest, but two in particular that we’ll Read more…

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