NAT64check & More IPv6 @ APRICOT 2017

Some of the Deploy360 team were presenting at APRICOT 2017 last week, and there were other interesting presentations that are worth highlighting. Whilst we’ll cover the dedicated session on IPv6 deployment in this post, we’ll also do a round-up of some of the other IPv6-relevant presentations and tutorials in subsequent posts. Our colleague Jan Žorž had been asked Read more…

‘Introduction to IPv6’ Online Tutorial Now Available!


The Internet Society has developed an online tutorial called “Introduction to IPv6” to provide a brief primer for individuals who are interested in better understanding IPv6. The target audiences for this tutorial are recent university graduates, network administrators, network engineers, and other parties with a working knowledge of IPv4 who are looking for a basic Read more…

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Apple Will Require IPv6 Support For All iOS 9 Apps

more on IPv6 support

“Because IPv6 support is so critical to ensuring your applications work across the world for every customer, we are making it an AppStore submission requirement, starting with iOS 9.”  With those words, Sebastien Marineau, Apple’s VP of Core OS, gave a huge boost to IPv6 developer support in Apple’s WWDC Platform State Of The Union Read more…

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IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks Now Published as RIPE-631


After a year of hard work by IPv6 experts from all over the world, I’m proud to announce that a new deployment-oriented document called “IPv6 Troubleshooting for Residential ISP helpdesks“ is now an officially published RIPE document. It’s intended to provide a starting point for technical support staff at ISPs or enterprise IT help desks Read more…

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PHP Domain Parser Adds Support for IPv6

The PHP community recently announced the release of the initial draft specification for PHP. This is an important step in the development of any open language. With the announcement they also showed some usage statistics for PHP, and called PHP the lingua-franca of the Internet. I’m not sure if PHP is the common tongue of Read more…

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Live Demo of 464XLAT at Swiss IPv6 Council Event

Last week, at the Swiss IPv6 Council’s “IPv6 Business Conference” in Zurich, I did a live demo using the 464XLAT mechanism on my Android phone, using it to allow IPv4-only applications like Skype to work in an IPv6-only mobile environment. The process got a bit bumpy, but in the end it was a successful demo! Read more…

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Dhcpy6d – A new tool to help with DHCPv6 (DHCP for IPv6)

We received the following guest post from Henri Wahl in the IT Department of the Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- u.Werkstoffforschung (IFW) in Dresden, Germany. Getting DHCPv6 to work We run a network with approximately 1.000 client hosts. To use dualstack we decided to provide hosts with IPv6 addresses via DHCPv6. We wanted to use our existing MAC-based IPv4 address provisioning for Read more…

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Video: The IPv6 Analyser (RIPE 68)

How can operators manage their IPv6 allocations from RIPE-NCC? In this lightning talk from Alex Band of RIPE-NCC, learn how Local Internet Registries(LIRs) can take advantage of a new visualization tool from RIPE-NCC to view and manage their IPv6 address allocations. This new tool helps LIRs develop an addressing plan and visually conceive of both Read more…

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CloudFlare Enabling IPv6 For All Customers

CloudFlare logo

Buried in a post last month about Martin Levy joining CloudFlare was this gem: CloudFlare is enabling IPv6 by default for ALL of their customers! If you are not aware of CloudFlare, the are a “content delivery network” (or “content distribution network”… either way it is “CDN”) that takes your website and makes it available through their Read more…

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New Apache SpamAssassin Release 3.4.0 Includes Native IPv6 Support!

Apache Spam Assassin logo

Very cool news out of the Apache SpamAssassin project that the new release 3.4.0 has full native IPv6 support!  This is important because SpamAssassin is widely used as an anti-spam tool for email servers.  This update nows means that it can be used in mail servers running on IPv6, including on mail servers running in Read more…

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