Case Study: The Experience of Signing Go6.SI with DNSSEC

Some time ago Matthijs Mekking, one of the authors, maintainers and coders for the OpenDNSSEC project asked me why go6.si domain was not signed. My answer was that I need a short, precise and deployment/operations-oriented document with clearly described steps on how to setup the signing platform, how to add a zone and sign it. Matthijs Read more…

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Excellent whitepaper/tutorial from SURFnet on deploying DNSSEC-validating DNS servers

SURFnet whitepaper on deploying DNSSEC

How do you get started with deploying DNSSEC-validating DNS servers on your network?  What kind of planning should you undertake?  What are the steps you need to go through? The team over at SURFnet in the Netherlands recently released an excellent whitepaper that goes into the importance of setting up DNSSEC validation, the requirements for Read more…

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FCC Publishes DNSSEC Recommendations for ISPs


Are you are network operator or Internet service provider (ISP) seeking to understand what you need to do to implement DNSSEC within your network? Are you looking for guidance to help you understand how to proceed? If so, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just published a set of “DNSSEC Implementation Practices for ISPs” through Read more…

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New Paper – “Challenges and Opportunities in Deploying DNSSEC” at SATIN 2012

This morning at the SATIN 2012 conference in London I (Dan York) will be speaking on the topic of “challenges and opportunities in deploying DNSSEC“. Basically I’ll be providing a view of our experience here at Deploy360 over the past 6 months in looking at how to accelerate the deployment of DNSSEC.  As we have Read more…

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Whitepaper: .SE Health Status Report on DNS and DNSSEC

This week the folks at .SE in Sweden released a report full of DNS and DNSSEC information and statistics related to .SE at: .SE Health Status – DNS and DNSSEC (PDF) Today at the SATIN 2012 event in London, Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder from .SE discussed many of the statistics and information contained in the report.    Read more…

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Want to Deploy DNSSEC on Microsoft Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2?

Do you operate a Microsoft Windows server infrastructure and would like to know how to implement DNSSEC? If so, Microsoft published a “DNSSEC Deployment Guide” to help administrators of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 systems. The comprehensive document explains what DNSSEC is all about, walks step-by-step through each process and also provides easy Read more…

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Valuable Info In EU’s “Good Practices Guide” for DNSSEC Deployment

Looking for a good concise guide to the security issues and procedures related to deploying DNSSEC?  Back in March 2010, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) issued their “Good Practices Guide For Deploying DNSSEC” with the abstract: Deploying DNSSEC requires a number of security details and procedures to be defined and followed with Read more…

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