IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, IETF Video Archives from ION Sri Lanka Available

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Did you miss the first ION Conference of 2015? A few days ago, on Sunday, 18 January, we held ION Sri Lanka, co-located with SANOG 25, and I’m pleased to say it was a FANTASTIC event with a great audience and wonderful, knowledgeable speakers. We had a warm welcome from the Internet Society Sri Lanka Read more…

Fun Intro to DNSSEC Video From the Norid Team

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As part of the signing of .NO with DNSSEC, the Norid team came out with a clever video explaining how DNSSEC works. Now, it’s all in Norwegian so I personally can’t understand any of the words… but  you get the idea and the animation is well-done.  Kudos to the Norid team for creating the video: Read more…

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DANE: The Future of TLS – Video/Slides from ION Santiago


Starting last week and continuing the next few days, we’ll be highlighting sessions from ION Santiago on Tuesday, 28 October 2014. Notes: (1) The videos and slides were in a combination of English [EN] and Spanish [ES], depending on the speakers. We’ve noted the language(s) in the text below. (2) The whole video playlist for Read more…

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Why Implement DNSSEC? Video/Slides from ION Belfast

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This week and next we’ll be highlighting sessions from ION Belfast on 9 September 2014. At ION Belfast, Jim Galvin from our ION Conference Series Sponsor Afilias presented a session entitled, “Why Implement DNSSEC.” From the session abstract: DNSSEC helps prevent attackers from subverting and modifying DNS messages and sending users to wrong (and potentially Read more…

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Video: BIND and DNSSEC – What Is New?

Video interview

How does BIND work with DNSSEC? How easy is it to configure? What new features does it have that makes DNSSEC signing simple? How does it work as a DNSSEC-validating resolver? To answer these questions, I interviewed Eddy Winstead about BIND and what it can do with DNSSEC. We discussed BIND’s features as well as new training Read more…

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Video: DANEs Don’t Lie – DANE/SMTP (RIPE 68)

How can we secure communications between SMTP mail servers? Simply using TLS between servers will not prevent Man In The Middle(MITM) attacks. DNSSEC and DANE to the rescue! Using DANE, SMTP servers can validate X.509 certificates tied to TLS using DNSSEC lookups. In this lightning talk from Carsten Strotmann, learn how this all works and Read more…

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Video: DNSSEC Measurement Using Atlas Probes (RIPE 68)

DNSSEC measurement session at RIPE 68

What percentage of DNS resolvers are capable of DNSSEC?  Using RIPE’s Atlas network can we determine the status of the global DNSSEC deployment?  At the recent RIPE 68 conference in Warsaw, Poland, Nicolas Canceill from the University of Amsterdam spoke about recent research he conducted on measuring the DNSSEC deployment.  His talk, “Measuring the Deployment Read more…

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ION Toronto – Deploying DNSSEC: A .CA Case Study

This week we’ll be highlighting sessions from our last ION Conference in Toronto, Canada. At ION Toronto in November, Jacques Latour from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) gave an interesting talk on the ongoing work to deploy DNSSEC for the .CA ccTLD. From the session abstract: CIRA has completed two phases of a three-phased Read more…

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Why Implement DNSSEC? ION Toronto Video/Slides

ION Toronto

This week we’ll be highlighting sessions from our last ION Conference in Toronto Canada. In this session from ION Toronto in November, Jim Galvin from Afilias discussed DNSSEC and why it matters. From the abstract: What is DNSSEC and why is it so important? We’ll discuss the business reasons for, and financial implications of, deploying Read more…

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Video Interview: Why Use Knot DNS For DNS And DNSSEC?

Knot DNS

What is the “Knot DNS” server all about and why would you want to use it versus one of the other DNS servers supporting DNSSEC?  At the recent ENOG 6 event in Kiev, Ukraine, I had a chance to speak with Jaromir Talir from CZ.NIC Labs and the resulting video interview can be found below. Read more…

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