WATCH LIVE Today – DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide, from ICANN 55

ICANN 55 entrance

Want to learn about DNSSEC and how it helps add a layer of trust to DNS? Puzzled by how this all works?   If so, please join us today from 16:45 to 18:15 UTC for “DNSSEC for Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide” streaming live out of Marrakech, Morocco, in both audio and video on links found off Read more…

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Watch Live TODAY – DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide at ICANN53

ICANN 53 Logo

In about 35 minutes, at 17:00 Argentina time (UTC-3), we will be streaming live out of ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the “DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide” session.  You can watch and listen live at this link: https://buenosaires53.icann.org/en/schedule/mon-dnssec-everybody The session goes for 90 minutes today, roughly half of which is the actual Read more…

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Case Study: The Experience of Signing Go6.SI with DNSSEC

Some time ago Matthijs Mekking, one of the authors, maintainers and coders for the OpenDNSSEC project asked me why go6.si domain was not signed. My answer was that I need a short, precise and deployment/operations-oriented document with clearly described steps on how to setup the signing platform, how to add a zone and sign it. Matthijs Read more…

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CloudFlare Publishes Excellent Introduction To DNSSEC

CloudFlare logo

The team over at CloudFlare published an excellent introduction to DNSSEC today that is well worth a read.  CloudFlare has developed a reputation for writing blog posts that provide a solid level of technical depth and this one certainly does.  Nick Sullivan starts by walking through the basics of DNS and including some packet captures and Read more…

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Microsoft Publishes Guide To Deploying DNSSEC In Windows Server 2012

Microsoft DNSSEC Guide

Do you work in an enterprise using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and are interested in either deploying DNSSEC validation to provide better security to your users – and/or securing your own DNS zones using DNSSEC? If so, the good folks at Microsoft just recently released a new guide “DNSSEC in Windows Server 2012” that guides Read more…

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Watch/Listen Live TODAY to “DNSSEC For Everybody – A Beginner’s Guide” at ICANN 48

Want to quickly learn about DNSSEC and how it can make the Internet more secure?  Want to see an easy illustration of how DNSSEC works? Want to understand why DNSSEC is so important to strengthen the Internet against attackers? If so, tune in TODAY at 5:00 pm / 17:00  Buenos Aires time ( 20:00 UTC, Read more…

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Slides: Introduction To The DANE Protocol

At the DNSSEC Workshop earlier this month at ICANN 47 in South Africa, I gave an introductory tutorial about the DANE protocol and how it can be used to secure Internet communication such as that through a web browser. I explained how DANE works, outlined some use cases and provided a series of links for Read more…

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Watch “DNSSEC For Everyone – A Beginner’s Guide” Live Today From ICANN47

ICANN 47 meeting in Durban, South Africa

Want to understand what DNSSEC is all about?  Would you like to understand how DNSSEC helps make DNS more secure?  And why DNSSEC is important? Today (July 15, 2013) we’ll be streaming the “DNSSEC For Everyone – A Beginner’s Guide” session live out of ICANN 47 in Durban, South Africa. This is a fun session Read more…

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“Introduction To DNSSEC” Animated Videos Uploaded To YouTube

With the buzz over Google’s news about DNSSEC yesterday, we’ve seen a large surge of visitors to our DNSSEC-related resources and in the midst of that someone pointed out that the excellent introduction to DNSSEC video from Shinkuro, Inc., was no longer available on YouTube. Given that we work well with the Shinkuro team, we Read more…

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Excellent whitepaper/tutorial from SURFnet on deploying DNSSEC-validating DNS servers

SURFnet whitepaper on deploying DNSSEC

How do you get started with deploying DNSSEC-validating DNS servers on your network?  What kind of planning should you undertake?  What are the steps you need to go through? The team over at SURFnet in the Netherlands recently released an excellent whitepaper that goes into the importance of setting up DNSSEC validation, the requirements for Read more…

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