Free DNSSEC Training In Singapore March 19-21

DNSSEC trainingAre you going to be in Singapore March 19-21 and would be interested in some DNSSEC training?

We’ve been alerted by our friends at ICANN and the NSRC that they have a few open seats in the DNSSEC training classes they are offering on March 19-21 in cooperation with the Singapore NIC (operators of the .sg ccTLD).  Rick Lamb, one of the instructors, notified us that the training is free if people can get there – and that people who hold ISC2 certifications such as the CISSP credential can earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for attending the course.

The training agenda looks excellent and having worked a good bit with Rick I can very definitely say he is incredibly knowledgable with everything related to DNSSEC.  I’ve also heard great things about the other instructor, Phil Regnauld, and of NSRC training in general.

Rick said it would be best if people contacted him directly via email to see if there is still space in this course.  I’ll note that this training is happening right before the ICANN 49 meeting in Singapore, and so if you are already going to ICANN 49 perhaps you can adjust your schedule and go a few days early to check out this training!

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4 Responses to Free DNSSEC Training In Singapore March 19-21

  1. pushkar says:


    Is it not possible to attend through webex or any other online way? Just a suggestion as it is not possible to fly to singapore for me..

  2. Rick says:

    Unfortunately we will not have A/V setup to do any online offering. As Dan says, it is very hands on. Ill bring up the thought with my colleagues though to see if any future offerings could be made online.’

  3. pushkar says:

    Thank you so much Dan and Rick.

    I would surely look forward to see if I could attend future programs online.

    Also, are you planning to have such session in bangalore (India)? It will be very helpful.

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