Want to Stay Up on DNSSEC Deployment? Join The Mailing List!

Dnssec deployment mailing list 1UPDATE – March 2016: This dnssec-deployment mailing list is currently in transition from one service to another. In the meantime we would encourage you to subscribe instead to the “dnssec-coord” mailing list at:



Want to stay up on the latest happenings with regard to deploying DNSSEC? Want to learn from others who are out there deploying DNSSEC right now? Need a forum to ask questions while you work on your own DNSSEC deployment?

If so, then another great resource is the “dnssec-deployment” mailing list hosted by the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative. Info about the list, a link to the archive and subscription information can all be found at:


As the archives show, there’s a high quality to the level of conversation. For instance, much of the conversation lately has been around the Comcast / NASA DNSSEC validation error and the great thing is that discussion includes people from both NASA and Comcast.

I’ve certainly learned a lot from reading the list and highly recommend it to anyone interested in DNSSEC deployment issues.

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3 Responses to Want to Stay Up on DNSSEC Deployment? Join The Mailing List!

  1. Timothe Litt says:

    And 8 months later, the dnssec-deployment mailman interface ‘migration’ hasn’t completed, and the links on http://www.internetsociety.org/deploy360/blog/2012/01/want-to-stay-up-on-dnssec-deployment-join-the-mailing-list/
    and elsewhere are stale.

    It’s really sad that anyone who manages show enough interest to find the site gets turned away by this failure. Can’t sign up for the list, can’t find the archives. And if youre already a list member, the archive and membership links at the bottom of each message are also stale.

    Really, if one can’t complete a migration, one shouldn’t start it. That’s IT 101. No, 0.5…

  2. Dmitry Kohmanyuk says:

    This mailing list archive uses domain internet-society.org name but certificate name is wp.internet-society.org which is not trusted.

    Ironic, isn’t it? (Browser: Safari, iOS 9)

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