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Breaking Barriers: Harlem Internet Computer Access TRANSCRIPT

0:02 (Woman singing, scenes of Harlem)
0:54 [Lois M. Hinds] The persons who live here are folks with minimal, minimal incomes.
0:58 sometimes with incomes only of 500, 600, or 700 dollars a month.
1:03 HUB subsidises those rents. But in addition, this buiding affords these clients social services, where they can have someone to assist them in everyday living
1:16 Socially, it's sometimes sad to witness the depression that many of the seniors demonstrate, because they are lonely, they have their own apartments, and many of them are homebound and cannot leave their apartments.
1:31 [Mamie Prefet] Loneliness is a bitch. God didn't intend for people... man to be alone.
1:38 He gave them a [indistinguishable], but when, it's, I never seen so many lonely people, and when they move into...
1:48 unless they're active, like I'm very active, know, the days that I'm home I take advantage of those days that I'm home.
2:00 When I'm on the computer, it's like i'm meditating.
2:05 All of the stuff is gone and I'm just into this moment.
2:11 (Woman humming, scenes of members of HICAP using computers)
2:48 [Dillard Morrison Jr.] If they can get the resources on their own, it makes them feel like they're part of society again.
2:55 But if you're just sitting at home, you know, with regular rituals, and you're not interested in speaking about certain things that you can do with the computer,
3:05 and they just feel left out
3:08 I think it's a depressing thing.
3:10 I think it's self-destructing if you don't get into it, because they're speaking a language that you know nothing about.
3:17 And they're using English words
3:19 "What cloud-computing is is when they hold your data.
3:24 They can access your data, but your data is like in a cloud, sorta like your e-mail.
3:30 Because you can be any place in the world and access your e-mail.
3:34 So, cloud computing is when, at a remote location, they have your information, you go into your device, you call it up, and then it gives it to you.
3:43 [Merle Bush] The reason it's important to teach seniors the Internet and about computing is because they are the ones who have traditionally been left out.
3:51 I think that people think they're not interested, or they're too old, or they think it's just for young people.
3:59 but, as the Internet Society says, "The Internet is for everyone."
4:03 Seniors can access their benefits, their social security benefits, stay in touch.
4:08 If you can't walk, you can access a computer.
4:11 When I started out, we had one computer, and we all worked with one computer. and we made it work.
4:19 But thanks to the Internet Society, who has actually granted all of my wishes.
4:24 Everything that I asked of them, they've given to me.
4:28 We have laptops for everyone, we have a large monitor for instruction, we have wireless everything, and we have internet access.
4:37 (woman singing, scenes of Harlem and members of HICAP)
5:12 People, when they become seniors, they think that's the end of the line for them.
5:18 All they have to do now is sit at home, and the way it is now, the system is right now
5:26 You can't have this, you can't do that - they budget every dime you have, especially in a seniors place - in a place where the government is helping you to pay your rent.
5:36 You can't have this, you gotta be sick, you gotta be poor - I don't buy into that.
5:42 Because I'm somebody great, and I'm not gonna be labelled poor, because that's not a good feeling, and it's not good for the mind.
5:57 Because most of the people like that, they live in fear.
6:01 So, to me, the computer is good for them the way it is good for me.
6:09 Get on that computer, and see what's going on in the world.
6:14 (woman humming)
6:28 My first impression with Jaguars was 1969, when they first came out with this particular model.
6:35 and to me, it was like a Rolls Royce
6:38 It was like a miniature Rolls Royce. It was just plush
6:43 Well I would like to use the Internet to advertise my services, and parts services
6:51 give them a full description on how we restore automobiles.
6:55 We even take requests for certain automobies that people might be looking for.
7:00 But basically, it gives me more outreach to people and give it a lot of exposure.
7:07 When I found the Internet classes here, believe it or not, I joined
7:12 Also, because there were some things I didn't know about how to use the Internet.
7:18 Some of the people, when they see a senior citizen, they don't care if you don't learn what they're teaching you, you just don't get it.
7:25 She gives the time to each and every one of us, individually, and makes sure that you get what she is explaining to you.
7:36 They got the right teachers to teach us.
7:39 She's inspirational
7:42 I look forward to computer class. That is an outlet for me.
7:47 And if it isn't for Merle Bush, we would be in....we would have some difficulties, because yes, we do provide the social services, the emotional services, and what have you,
7:58 but she helps us also with the intellectual services, and if you don't use it, you're gonna lose it.
8:05 (woman singing, scenes from Harlem and members of HICAP)
9:29 (Internet Society)
9:32 (The Internet is for everyone)
9:38 (