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Chapter update: New York February 2010

Contributed by Joly MacFie

The Internet Society New York Chapter would like to send out best wishes to all who are celebrating the start of the Year of the Tiger, supposedly a time of “great change”.

Eben Moglen’s speech “Freedom in The Cloud”

The webcast of Eben Moglen’s speech “Freedom in The Cloud” is proving to be one of most popular ever, and has received over 20,000 hits representing about a 1000 views since 14 February. In the talk, Eben challenges the tech community to provide the public with the means to recapture its privacy from the social media/cloud juggernaut through the development of personal social media servers operating in a robust distributed network.

Note that free DVDs of this talk are available to libraries, educators, and other interested in running screenings – email and ask for DVD1710. More information…

Harlem Internet Computer Access Project

Now christened with the handy acronym HICAP – Merle Bush’s ISOC-funded effort to bring Internet literacy to seniors in Harlem is on track, and we are just in the process of purchasing the first round of hardware. Something she is needing are good ergonomic and comfortable chairs that are suitable for her clients. If you know of any going spare, or any other good quality equipment, particularly laptops – please feel free to get in touch directly. More information…

ISOC-NY Noticeboard now piped to Facebook

That’s right! Through the wonder of Networked Blogs you can now get the latest hot items of Internet interest delivered straight into your Facebook! No more messing with fuddy duddy old rss feeds! More information…


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