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Chapter update: Netherlands February 2010

Contributed by Michiel Leenaars

ENUM Discoverer performs magic thanks to and SIDN

Internet Society Netherlands Chapter has been very active in promoting standards like SIP and ENUM. Now the age of smartphones is dawning, ENUM is becomes very interesting indeed for connecting our online activities to that class of devices. During the annual Internet NY event in Amsterdam on 14 January 2010, ISOC-NL and the Dutch registry SIDN premiered an open source tool called ENUM Discoverer, available for Android phones. ENUM Discoverer runs on your phone quietly in the background, notifying you when people in your address book publish new information about themselves. Why should you manually add every Twitter account, change of email address or new subscription to the latest social media craze for everyone in your address book, when ENUM can do it for you? Corporate users and privacy-minded people will enjoy the automatic retrieval of public keys, so they can secure their communications with 100 percent certainty that they are not being eavesdropped on. We are now looking to make the tool available on many more platforms and extend the functionality. Interested? Contact ISOC Netherlands for more details.

ENUM Business Opportunities

On 2 March, ISOC-NL and SIDN will hold a half-day event, presenting several ENUM business cases as well as relevant background information on ENUM. Speakers are SIDN, Internet Society Netherlands Chapter, Nominet (UK), Instra Corporation (AUS), DigiNotar, and Numiq. Spoken language is English, so if you are interested in ENUM, do join us. Also we will present the results of an inquiry about the ‘new’ ENUM. You can still participate and help ISOC-NL out by letting us know what you think/expect/want of ENUM technology. Please fill out the survey.

The survey findings will be used to support the development of ENUM and to improve the information exchange on this subject. Your opinion and experiences in this area are a valuable contribution to this survey. Completing the questionnaire should take no more than a quarter of an hour. The information you give us will be treated in the strictest confidence, and the general survey findings will be presented at the ENUM Business Opportunities event on 2 March 2010 in Utrecht and published on the web.

More info and registration.


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