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Chapter update: Mexico February 2010

Contributed by Alejandro Pisanty

The ISOC Mexico Chapter had a significant participation in consultations about ACTA, the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement. As is well known, ACTA is being negotiated by the US, the European Union, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other countries, and there are signs that its drafts may include clauses which could have significant effect on the Internet.

Several members and the Chair of the ISOC Mexico Chapter helped shape and took active part in the consultations organized by IMPI, the Mexican governmental authority for intellectual property rights, and lead representative to the ACTA negotiations. They have also been active in making available information and opinion on what is known of ACTA through magazine articles, blogs, a Facebook group, and Twitter.

The session allowed diverse points of view to be expressed and ended with an agreement by the director general of IMPI to push for the maximum transparency possible in the negotiationns, and to open consultations after the meeting of the ACTA negotiating parties in Guadalajara.


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