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Chapter update: Hong Kong February 2010

Contributed by Ka Ping Wong

IPv6World.Asia – Security issues arising from deployment (23 February)

After the first IPv6World.Asia conference held last November, the Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter has established an IPv6 working group to further work on IPv6 development and deployment. Last time, our message focused on taking action, while this time we further investigate the consequential security issues of deploying IPv6. In view of addressing the concern of some corporates and the IT industry players, we held a half-day conference on 23 February. We invited Professor Suguru Yamaguchi from Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan and Mr. Richard Tychansky, (ISC)2 and Chief Cybersecurity Engineer of Identity Dynamics Corporation from USA to be our honorable speakers.  They are both very experienced in the related field. The response has been very good, with registration exceeding 200. We will upload the video and presentation of the conference to the official website soon.  Please check out at <>.

The 3C – Digital Creativity Dialogue Series 3.0
Public Consultation Forum on Proposals for Strengthening Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment

The HKSAR government issued a consultation document in December 2006 to seek public views on how best to strengthen copyright protection in the digital environment. Taking into account the views that they have received, as well as the latest developments in overseas jurisdictions, the latest paper aims at creating a robust copyright protection regime in Hong Kong.

For ISOC-HK, a number of questions arise. How would the proposal affect the sustainable development of creative industries? What options does it propose to tackle copyright infringing activities across the Internet? While safeguarding personal privacy on the Internet and promoting the development of Hong Kong as an Internet service hub, how does the proposal respond to public’s concern on the possible adverse implication on the dissemination of information due to the enhanced legislation? How to balance between rights of various stakeholders and the freedom of information?

A public consultation forum was held on 28 January, providing an open platform for discussion between the industry and the Government, giving everyone a chance to voice their opinion and contribute to the improvement of the legislation.


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