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Chapter update: Bulgaria February 2010

Contributed by Julia Velkova

The Internet Society Bulgaria Chapter chairman recently held two public lectures at the Sofia Math High School, together with chief inspector Yavor Kolev (Combating Organized Crime Unit of the Bulgarian Police), and Georgi Apostolov of (the Bulgarian National Center for Safer Internet). The three lecturers spoke in front of about 100 kids from different ages (12 to 15), and gave them a vivid picture of the dangers confronting young children online. A recent case in Sofia, Bulgaria, was on the front page the following day, and Mr. Yavor Kolev described the actions of the police in locating the cyber criminals, gathering the evidence, and the arrest itself, which took place on the day of the lecture. The lectures were initiated by ISOC-Bulgaria’s chairman of the Board Veni Markovski. He presented the good side of the Internet, which kids could get inspiration from – the way they do their classwork, prepare for next lesson, and communicate with each other. The lectures were quite a success, and children sent the lecturers home with applause.


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