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Chapter update: Australia February 2010

Contributed by Holly Raiche

The big event for the Internet Society Australia Chapter in February was our very joyful reception for Michael Malone, CEO of iiNET on the day the judgment was handed down in the Roadshow vs iiNET case (as reported in the newsletter last month). Board member Narelle Clark and Executive Director Holly Raiche spent the afternoon distributing our press release and answering Chapter queries from everywhere on the decision.

In other news, we have now finalised the ISOC-AU position in response to a Government consultation paper on the Australian ISP filtering policy. As our press release and submission state, we do not support the Government’s policy . We also participated in the committee which is planning this year’s Communications Department cyber-security week, starting on 5 June, and we attended the first meeting of auDA’s New 2TLDs Advisory Panel. Finally, we have begun planning for the 2010 IPv6 Summit, to be held in October this year.


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