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Internet Access

This sections outlines our work in Internet Access
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At the Internet Society, we believe the Internet can help improve the quality of your life and the lives of people everywhere. Too ambitious? We think it’s possible – but only with the help of our partners, Chapters, and individual members.
Together we work to promote policies that sustain an Internet that’s open and has a universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity.

We Focus On:

Infrastructure: We work to make sure the infrastructure in your town, village, or community is in place in order to support the Internet. This means everything from the way cities are built to making sure there’s proper equipment like computers, modems, telephone lines and network hardware available to run the hardware that makes up what we know as the Internet.
User experience: From a usability perspective, we work to make sure that everyone – regardless of their age, language they speak, or their physical or mental abilities – can access the applications that run on the Internet (like the World Wide Web) and have the same experience.
Cost: Being able to access the Internet has an economic facet, as the cost of infrastructure, equipment, and services can determine the level of access available to regions, communities, and individuals.

Breaking Barriers

Harlem Internet Computer Access Program (full story)